Pre-Owned 2017 CMC 105HD+

The Ultimate Tree Care Lift For Extreme Heights

Year: 2017

Brand: CMC

Model: 105HD+

Hours: 250

Condition: Excellent/Like-New

This 100 foot tracked lift is is the ultimate solution for tree care due to its 105 ft working height and 52 ft side reach. With the extreme reach capabilities, the 105HD+ model bristles with the most advanced aerial lift technology innovation providing a new dimension of speed by allowing three functions at once at full speed, articulating, telescoping, rotating turret, moving jib and rotating basket. In addition, the agility and maneuverability of this lift is unparalleled by any other lift in the world.

To truly get a feel for the lift, you must ride the lift to really appreciate the giant leap forward in technology that this lift provides against any existing technology. Being meticulously engineered to overcome the faults of other lifts, the first thing you immediately notice on this lift is the rugged and secure ride, as well as the boom speeds, precision, and smoothness of the controls. Our new advanced hydraulic technology increase reliability. For example, a new "hydraulic turbo feature", allows for even faster boom operation.

In conclusion, the CMC 105HD+ is a lift that everyone will appreciate, even our competitors.

To see the specsheet, click here.

To see the 105HD+ in action, watch the video below or on YouTube here.