Pre-Owned 2018 CMC 60HD Arbor Pro

Pre-Owned 2018 CMC 60HD Arbor Pro S18A1594:  60 ft working height, 38 ft lateral outreach, 6,700 lbs, 485 lb basket capacity, and black rubber tracks.  Approx. ~3010 hours.

Work completed to the machine:

  • New black rubber tracks installed. 
  • Fuel tank upgraded,
  • Coolant overflow tank was replaced.
  • The battery and starter have been replaced. 
  • The “belly pan” under the chassis has been replaced
  • A new foot pedal has been installed
  • Various covers and decals have been replaced/installed.
  • New single-man aluminum basket and all attaching brackets installed
  • Joystick(s) and joystick boot(s) have been replaced
  • An Annual Inspection has been performed
  • A complete engine and hydraulic pm service has been performed including changing the oil filter, fuel, and air filter, both hydraulic filters have been replaced.