Pre-Owned 2019 CMC 83HD+ Arbor Pro S19A1991

The 2019 CMC 83HD+ Arbor Pro (S19A199 approx. 1690 hrs) has the following features standard: single-man fiberglass (24″x24″), vinyl fiberglass bucket cover with tether, radio remote controls with color screen, outrigger piston covers, grey non-marking rubber vertically and horizontally adjustable tracks, set of (4) sliding outrigger pads, (1) safety fall arrest belt, storage box with on-board battery charger for radio remote, 12V emergency battery let down system in addition to manual let down pump. Kubota D 902 diesel engine is standard engine. Documented operator familiarization certificates for up to (4) operators. For details please see “83HD+ Arbor Pro Standard Features” page.