Pre-Owned 2016 CMC 83HD+ Arbor Pro Hybrid S15A1046B


2016 Pre-Owned CMC 83HD+ Arbor Pro Hybrid Kubota diesel engine + lithium battery system. New Lithium batteries – Approx. 2000 hrs Serial No. S15A1046 — comes equipped with a single man fiberglass basket OR a 2 man aluminum cage, radio remote controls, outrigger piston covers, Kubota Diesel + lithium-ion batteries, 120V Plug-in Electric Motor, grey non-marking rubber adjustable tracks, set of 4 sliding outrigger pads, storage box with on-board battery charger for radio remote, and the 12V emergency battery let down system.


Refurbishment work performed:

New fixed section of the upper boom installed
Annual Inspection performed
Various covers replaced
2 12v engine batteries replaced
Full PM service performed including all engine and hydraulic filters, fan belt, and oils
Movac valve was replaced
24 lithium batteries installed
Three new lithium battery control boards installed
Lithium battery charger replaced
Load cell replaced
Various hydraulic hoses replaced
All four outrigger pivot pins replaced with updated pins
Basket control station tower replaced