Pre-Owned 2020 CMC 72HD+ Arbor Pro S20A2248


(S20A2248) Pre-Owned 2020 CMC 72HD+ Arbor Pro — Approx. 1104 hours.

This lift is capable of 72 ft working height, up to 41 ft lateral reach and 507 lbs basket capacity. Extraordinary tight foot-print, as small as 11′ 6″ x 11′ 6, allows lift to set up in the tightest of places. Lift is equipped standard with Kubota Z-602, 17 HP water cooled diesel engine, radio remote controls, smooth  and easy to use proportional  basket controls, automatic chassis self leveling, ability to drive tracks from basket and set outriggers from basket, horizontally adjustable black rubber tracks from 34.5″ to 50″, extra long and extra powerful track drive system for extraordinary climbing ability.

Comes equipped additionally with set of (4) high quality sliding outrigger pads that can stay on outriggers all the time, fall arrest belt and documented familiarization for up to (4) operators.