Pre-Owned 2021 CMC 60F


Pre-Owned 2021 CMC 60F S20A2653 with approximately 625 hours, features approximately 60 ft  (59′ 4″) working height (51′ 8″ basket floor height), up to 36′ 6″ lateral reach, 31″ wide chassis allows easy entry through 36″ doors, removable two man fixed basket with 507 lbs weight capacity, simple and easy to use direct hydraulic controls, manually horizontally and vertically adjustable tracks from 31″ to 46″ width, extra powerful track drive system with coiled cabled ground controls. Standard engine is Honda iGX390 11.6 HP engine.

Work Completed:

  • Annual Inspection is update to date and current 
  • Engine PM service has been completed including  replacing the following oil, fuel, air and hydraulic filters
  • The fan belt has been replaced
  • A storage box has been replaced.
  • Multiple decals have been replaced.
  • Multiple covers have been replaced.
  • One outrigger has been replaced along with the needed decals.
  • The manual hand pump has been replaced.
  • The basket control station cover has been replaced. 
  • The upper boom cradle pin has been replaced.